Mobile platforms offer new tools for hiring, training, and retaining Millennial employees

Hiring goes mobileA QSR Magazine article, Hiring goes mobile, addresses the potential of mobile tools to hire, train and retain employees. Our CEO and Founder, Jonathan Erwin, is quoted in the article.

It’s no secret that the quick-serve restaurant industry has a high turnover rate, and the time and money businesses spend to hire new employees add up fast. But some operators are turning to mobile platforms to change employee hiring and retention strategies, thanks in part to a high percentage of Millennial workers.

Some mobile apps offer streamlined communication between operators and employees. For example, Red e App offers a direct network-based communication and can also store content like training manuals.

“On the company’s end, they get to see when you come in when you read your messages,” says Jonathan Erwin, CEO and founder of Red e App. “They get to welcome you, train you, onboard you, and get compliance and regulatory information to you. It’s never been possible before.”

Read the complete article at QSR Magazine.

Amee Kent
Red e App Marketing Director 

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