#MobileChat No. 15 with Anne Reuss

#MobileChat No. 15 with Anne Reuss - Red e AppHow many friendships / relationships have you started with social media? How many of those have you never met IRL (in real life)? For me, Anne Reuss is one of those.  
True story: I met Anne Reuss about 10 months ago during a tweetchat (#blogchat, I think) and noticed she had 666 followers on Twitter. Well, I knew that wasn’t proper and followed her to get her beyond that ghastly number. I told her what I had done. She laughed and thanked me via Twitter. Since then, we’ve continued to talk via Twitter and become “digital friends.”
Would you consider us “friends” in the normal sense of the word? We’ve never met in real life, never shared a laugh while sipping coffee with friends; yet, I consider Anne to be a very kindred spirit and friend.

Discover why “mobile/social relationships” are important for both brands and individuals on our next #MobileChat – Wednesday, November 7th at 9pm ET as we do Q/A with Anne Reuss, my “digital/social/mobile” friend.

Chat more soon!

Patrick Goodman 
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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