#MobileChat No. 18 with Justin Ferrell

#MobileChat No. 18 with Justin Ferrell - Red e AppSo, your company or brand has finally decided to build a mobile app. Where do you start?
Should you build an Apple, Android, Blackberry, or Windows app?
Which one should you build first?
Is one particular mobile platform better for your app and your audience?
Is there any way to build an app that can work cross-platform on mobile devices?
These are some of the questions I’ve asked Justin Ferrell, a Twitter friend and fellow builder of mobile apps and technophile to answer for us on our next #MobileChat.Here’s how Justin describes himself on his LinkedIn profile:
Justin Ferrell is a mobile developer and strategist at a digital marketing agency in Fayetteville, West Virginia called Digital Relativity. He is also willing to discuss Star Wars, movies other than Star Wars, sushi, Batman, Breaking Bad and consumer electronics. (In that order)
If your company and brand are seriously considering entering the native mobile app world soon or hope to expand your mobile footprint onto other mobile platforms, #MobileChat on Wednesday, November 28th is truly a MUST. Live Q/A with Justin starts at 9pm ET.
Chat more soon!Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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