#MobileChat No. 24 with ZapTap

Is it possible to have a mobile app that requires ZERO downloads from a mobile app store and ZERO installs and thus is available ANYwhere and ANYtime?

ZapTap believes it’s possible.  ZapTap describes their brand as:
An augmented retail experience that gives consumers the product information they need to make an informed decision and the freedom to share their purchases across social networks. It opens up a channel for luxury brands and retailers to engage with consumers; offer targeted incentives; tap into those social networks; increase  sales and improve their overall brand positioning. Zaptap also offers invaluable insights into consumer behaviour and how they interact with a given brand. The best part … all of this is achieved without the use of an app. The Zaptap Augmented Retail Experience requires no downloads, no installs and no precious time spent waiting on development. All that is required is a smartphone and a Zaptap tag. It is a simple solution for consumers and business owners alike, which can be delivered using various forms of technology.
Join us Wednesday, January 23rd at 9pm ET as we chat with @ZapTap360 about how brands can effectively leverage social and mobile with today’s mobile-centric shopper.

Chat more soon!

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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