#MobileChat No. 41 with Hailo, the Chicago Taxi App

How do you hail a cab?  When I googled that the top search link was a Wiki with step-by-step instructions.

Here are just some of the suggestions:
  • Position yourself in the street (the sidewalk, though slightly safer, is considered by taxi drivers to be reserved for those who are not dead serious about getting a cab).
  • Stand ‘up-road’ to other cab waiters.
  • Make a spectacle of yourself. Flail your arms, bark like a dog, whistle, dance, do jumping jacks, it doesn’t matter.
  • Flash some cash

The one suggestion that’s missing from their list is ‘use a mobile app.’ How would that work exactly? And how would that work for the rider and the driver? Glad you asked.

Hailo is a mobile app available in select international cities and allows you to “call” for a taxi from your mobile phone. I was introduced to the Hailo Chicago team through a fellow social media friend in Chicago.  I hailed @HailoChicago via Twitter to be a guest and explain to us how their app works and why a taxi app is a brilliant idea for both riders and drivers. They quickly accepted the offer and we scheduled the pickup.

Pickup time: Wednesday, May 22nd at 8-9pm CT.

Address: #MobileChat

Fare: Free for all chatty riders

Destination: Better urban transportation experience

Hailo Chicago

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman

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