#MobileChat No. 64 Grechen Huebner

[UPDATE: View the Grechen Huebner Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

“So what do you want to be when you grow up?”

A question no doubt all of us where asked when we were younger. How did you respond? … Me? Everything from a doctor to engineer and professional football player. One response I didn’t say though was developer of mobile applications.

grechen huebner

The next guest of #MobileChat however hopes to inspire and equip a new generation of children with developer skills like logic, sequence, loops, debugging, and problem solving capabilities to better prepare them for a tech-centric business environment.  Her name is Grechen Huebner. She is a designer, creater, and co-founder of Kodable.

What is Kodable? Kodable gives kids the skills needed to learn any programming language later in life, and adults the tools to help them.

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Join us on Wednesday November 6th from 9-10pm ET via #MobileChat on Twitter as we chat live with Grechen about her tech startup journey as a co-founder, entrepreneurship, and how Kodable is enabling children toward new career aspirations even as early as elementary school.

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman

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