#MobileChat No. 69 with Mustbin

[UPDATE: View the Mustbin Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

If you had to find your car title or birth certificate right now, would you know where to look? Or what about your home mortgage or rental agreement? Any idea where those are? They are probably in a box somewhere. Out of sight, out of mind isn’t always best for vital documents and information. That’s what the next guest of #MobileChat, Mustbin, hopes to change.

Mustbin is simple, yet powerful, and makes it easy to capture vital information for important areas of an individual’s life. Users choose from several pre-built bin types, including Wallet, Accounts and Passwords, Home, Vehicle, Finance and more. Each bin includes Guides that walks users through specific information to capture and add to the bin using the phone’s camera. Each bin also includes Actions that help users through scenarios where they can use the information stored in their bins, for example if a wallet is stolen or if someone gets into a car accident.


So the next time you ask yourself where something is, Mustbin’s goal is for you to say it “must b in” your Mustbin.  Join us Wednesday, December 18th from 9-10pm ET via #MobileChat on Twitter as we do live Q/A with the Mustbin team.

We’ll discuss how their app works, how they handle security, and what are some of the most unique documents they are securely storing right now in their own personal Mustbin.

Chat more soon – Patrick

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