#MobileChat No. 73 with Peatix

[UPDATE: View the Peatix Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

We’ve all been there before. Standing in a long line, anticipating getting in quickly to see our favorite band or sports team, but the process for accepting the event tickets is too slow. Or worse still, you get stuck in “that” line when the paper ticket scanner stops working. And while it is an inconvenience to the event attendee, having a slow or bottle-necked event intake can become maddening for the event organizer.

Mobile ticketing apps are getting better but what is the next evolution of mobile event ticketing? That’s what Peatix is working on.


Peatix was founded in 2011 in Japan (CrunchBase profile). They, like many mobile event ticketing management platforms, have worked off using barcodes as the way to check-in attendees to an event. But, what they’re working on now and have patent-pending status for, is called ColorSync. ColorSync is a way to check-in hundreds of event attendees in seconds. No more manually tearing ticket stubs or wasting time trying to get the angle and lighting just right to scan a paper or mobile barcode. When a person’s Peatix app gets near the event organizer’s app, if the person has a valid ticket to the event, the colors match and sync and is instantly checked in to the event.

Join us Wednesday, January 29th from 9-10pm EST as we chat live with the @PeatixUSA team about mobile ticketing event management, ColorSync, and how soon their technology will be at a venue near you.

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman

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