#MobileChat No. 79 with Arthur Bodolec

arthur bodolec[UPDATE: View the  Arthur Bodolec Storify for a recap of the live Q&A]

There are a few mobile apps that I use everyday. Ones for email, SMS, and Twitter might be expected, but there is another that I use multiple times a day to feed my brain; it’s called Feedly.

Feedly has been around for several years but came into the spotlight nearly overnight last March when it was announced that Google Reader was going to be shuttered. I was one of those Google Reader fans looking for a new home for my RSS feeds. I found a home in Feedly.

What I like about Feedly, besides the fact that I have about 50 sites that push into my account, is it’s minimalist design on both the desktop and mobile apps.

The person behind the design is Feedly co-founder Arthur Bodolec.

Join us Wednesday, March 12th from 9-10pm EST via #MobileChat on Twitter as we do live Q/A with Arthur about design, the continual rise of reading on mobile devices, and how Feedly supports a community of readers with more than 25 million feeds daily.

Chat more soon – Patrick Goodman

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