Non-Desk Matters: Bridging the gap between blue and white collar workers

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Our July edition has is about removing the barriers between your blue collar and white collar workers, and the rise of the “new collar” worker.



While “blue collar” is no longer a term openly used by most companies to describe their non-desk workforce, the implications of this worker and this term are still relevant. Perhaps the most significant implication is the cultural divide that often exists between “blue collar” and “white collar” workers.

Do your employees feel disconnected from corporate? Do your employees feel less-than because they’re forced to wear uniforms, while managers enjoy much more freedom in their attire? Is there a growing gap in loyalty between front-line employees and leadership?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, these articles can help. Take a look at some of the insights, ideas, and observations to dive deeper and better understand the “blue collar” worker:


The Key to Blue Collar Retention

Engaging employees at critical points — like making training accessible and emphasizing good HR policies — leads to higher retention and engagement rates.


White Collar vs. Blue Collar or Union vs. Management – Some Things Need to Change

The importance of working together is paramount yet there is a clear divide between absentee management and resentful workers on the floor. It’s time to change things for the better.


How Many Jobs Really Require College?

The “new collar” worker bypasses college for specialized degrees and they’re thriving. So, how many jobs actually require a “traditional” college degree?


Blue Collar, White Collar – Does What You Wear to Work Really Matter?

We’ve taken an in-depth look at how work uniforms can affect company culture, employee morale, and workforce efficiency. Have you considered changing your uniform requirements to change your culture?


Forget Blue Collar, It’s All About “New Collar”

What is a “new collar” worker? Why have the biggest gains in economic job growth occurred in this new segment of the global workforce focusing on technical and vocational training instead of traditional degrees?



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