Introducing the Non-Desk Matters movement

Who are non-desk workers?

Employees that do not sit at a desk in order to complete their job — the production line, cashiers, truck drivers, hostesses, service clerks, retail associates, housekeepers, facilities, just to name a few. Other familiar labels are hourly, frontline and field-based.

Why did we choose the name “Non-Desk Matters”?

Simply put, the non-desk worker is an often overlooked and misunderstood part of the global workforce — to the tune of 2.1 billion employees worldwide.

This group of employees matters more than you can imagine.

We hope to shed light on the differences and needs of non-desk employees compared to desktop workers. We want to help you understand how to better engage them and build a stronger, healthier organization. We will share perspectives from media, research, practitioners, leaders, managers and hourly employees.

Non-Desk Matters (NDM) is more than just an enjoyable inbox exercise for us (sign up for the monthly newsletter) – we’re driven to bring connection this undervalued part of the global workforce, so we’re going world wide (web) too by sharing our in-depth insights with you at

Want a sample? Here is your must-read January digest

Non-Desk Matters Manifesto
We’ve taken a stance. Discover the genesis of NDM with our official manifesto. We’re deeply concerned with the number of workers that are perpetually forgotten, neglected, and disconnected — the non-desk workforce. The NDM conversation will bring together practitioners and leaders in an effort to make a genuine difference. Join us — your input is essential!

Your CEO is NOT the Top of the Pyramid
The most important person in your organization? It’s your customer. Who is closest to your customer? Your frontline employees.

Let Your Frontline Workers Be Creative
The Harvard Business Review conducted a study showing the company-wide benefits of empowering frontline workers, rather than focusing on controlling them.

We are excited to embark on this quest to bring light to this marginalized population of the workforce, and we hope you will join us.

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