Red e App connects the organization communication chain

What problem does Red e App solve? We thought you’d never ask.

The problem:

No direct, private, real-time and secure communication channel exists between a company and its field-based employees. The corporate email channel does not extend to everyone in an organization. As a result, the top of the org chart cannot communicate to those on the bottom AND it’s true that the bottom can’t communicate back up.

Who has this problem:

Lots (and lots) of enterprises and even small to mid-size companies that have non-desk and non-cubicle based employees. 

What do companies do now to communicate with their employees?

  • Print and post a message on the back office bulletin board or near the time clock
  • Infrequent ‘all hands on deck’ meetings
  • Cubbyhole inbox system in the back office
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter but there no way to ‘notify’ hundreds or thousands of employees for each message. Approximately 16% of the Facebook group members will see your post in their newsfeed.
  • Tell a manager and hope that he/she passes along the message consistently to the 100+ employees under him/her
  • Use employees’ gmail and yahoo email addresses but messages fall into the spam filter, there is no way to measure read-rates, and the management of lists is very time consuming.

The above list are ACTUAL customer examples we’ve received during discovery meetings. They are very cognizant of the problem and admit that it’s been a significant issue for a long time.

After we ask the future customer ‘How do you communicate now’ question and hear the same responses again and again, we then smile and say, “Sorry it’s a problem, but it’s very common among large and even small companies. Would you like to see the solution? It’s called Red e App.”

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

Enterprise Communication Org Chart

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