Red e App listed by Gartner as a Secure Texting Vendor for Healthcare

Here was a nice gift for the holidays …

Red e App listed by Gartner as a Secure Texting Vendor for Healthcare.

Red e App Mobile Healthcare CommunicationIt always pains me to see the word “texting” in the description of our services. Know why?  Mostly because texting is easy, and it’s personal. It’s a flash in the pan with little meat or benefit to a company’s overall function, symmetry, fidelity and engagement.

Peer to peer secure messaging is perceived to be a panacea to all things engagement. But be careful, what looks like engagement and productivity can also be perceived as piling on to the employee … “more” isn’t always better. Believe me, employees aren’t saying to themselves, “I wish I had more messaging capability!”

But I love what Gartner’s, Mr. Runyon indicated as “Looking Ahead” advice which spoke to integration, collaboration, file sharing/repositories, content and workflow. Now we are talking!

My looking ahead translation is: Differentiators and difference makers in this space must take a holistic, hierarchical, platform approach based on roles, permissions, and delegation – providing not only communication BUT managed content, file access, distribution and archiving with an audit trail!

So people, read Gartner’s list of 13 vendors carefully and do your thoughtful diligence. Think for the enterprise, think scale, and think for every employee – not just those we put an expensive price tag on. Today, there is one company that can check the box on all of the requirements – Red e App! (who didn’t know that was coming…)

Happy New Year!

Jonathan Erwin
Founder and CEO

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