Red e App Works with Box to Extend Secure File Sharing and Collaboration to Hourly Workers

Red e App, the enterprise communications network for non-desk workforces, has announced an exciting integration with Box. By combining Red e App’s robust platform with Box, businesses will be able to securely share and collaborate on files with the entire organization, including hourly employees that are not provided with corporate email accounts or don’t have access to the corporate network. .

Box - Secure File Sharing“The Red e App for Box integration marries secure mobile communication with secure file sharing and is built specifically for the mobile and hourly workforce.” said Patrick Goodman, Red e App Product and Engagement Director. “Providing all employees with access to company initiatives and materials makes them more effective and engaged, while also helping reduce the proliferation of misinformation. ”

Making up 60 percent of the U.S. workforce, the typical hourly worker does not have electronic access to important corporate documents such as the employee handbook, operating procedures, and human resources policies. With the use of Red e App, organizations can engage their employees on their mobile devices by granting them access to information that enables them to do their jobs better and more efficiently.

To ensure security, corporate documents saved on Box are shared with employees via the Red e App management portal and only accessible to employees who are securely authenticated into the organization’s network. When an employee leaves the company or is terminated, their access to the network and any associated documents is automatically removed. Additionally, while employees can view documents of any file type, no documents can be permanently saved to the employee’s device.

“With Red e App’s ability to provide secure file sharing for organizations, we are fulfilling our vision of being the mobile intranet for hourly employees,” said Jonathan Erwin, Red e App CEO and Founder. “There are many mobile apps geared towards a single dimensional productivity tool for mobile workers, but none that create a unifying platform that benefits all cross functional groups within an organization. That’s where Red e App fills the void for organizations that want to provide one mobile app to employees rather than many silo-ed apps to manage.”

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