Retail use case: Increase market penetration and engage customers

More than ever, retail chains are using Facebook to engage with their customers about an upcoming sale, store promotions and events. How can the retailer be sure their customers are receiving the Facebook posts? Quite simply, they cannot. The average Facebook users has over 200 friends, likes over 30 businesses and checks their account twice a day – meaning they are likely to miss the retailer’s post.

The sports and fitness retailer is seeking a communication solution to be sure the important notifications are being received by their loyal customers – in-store events, group runs and rides and schedule changes. The retailer is concerned that their Facebook posts are being lost in the clutter of advertising and personal messages.

By implementing Red e App, important notifications are sent directly to the customer’s mobile device, guaranteeing notification. Real time communication in regard to value-oriented messaging.

In addition, the retailer’s store information, events and route maps are available in Red e App. Thus, the retailer is always engaged with its customers wherever they exist. New customers can also find the retailer via a local search within the app, giving the retailer access to a new customer audience not available through traditional engagement channels.

Aggregating results from campaigns researched over the last three years, InsightExpress, a marketing research firm, has reported that on fundamental branding metrics for ad awareness, mobile produced a 23% lift compared to 8% for online campaigns. While awareness produced some of the biggest differentials between mobile and Web, message association also showed a 14% delta for mobile versus 3% for Web.

Through Red e App, a company can reveal products that are special to a season, or calendar events, knowing that the customer can pop onto the website through the application at any time to view key product selections. The retailer can expect to reach its power buyers in Red e App that return regularly for key purchases, saving dollars on direct mail promotions and emarketing campaigns that wait for discovery.

Alex Kerman
Business Development

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