Software development turning point

When I started writing the server-side software for Red e App (June 2011), I started with a blank piece of paper. I literally fired up my software development system and created the “platform” (what we call it) entirely from scratch. Everything was new. At that time, we didn’t even have a mobile device that could use the system, but we had plans. Someday, maybe (if we were lucky enough), people might actually use Red e App.

Well, today is that day. We now have many people using the system, and they’re beginning to rely on it heavily! I can’t describe the sense of personal responsibility, and frankly honor that instills in me. If our system doesn’t perform, something on their end is lost, or missed. They trust us, but at the end of the day, they’re placing their trust directly in me and my work.

I suppose deep down I expected that, and I’ve been writing software people rely on for many years. But this time, it’s just a bit different. This time it’s not for someone else. This time it’s for me…this is my company! These are my customers! OMG…!

So to all of you, thank you. We’ve tried to build a system that’s reliable, scalable, secure, and usable. Are there bugs? Probably. Will there be bugs in the future? Most likely. It’s amazing how complex the system has become, and with any complex system there could be potential issues. My focus is to do my best to reduce potential bugs in the first place, but if some do leak out, to also fix them quickly.

Today also marks a turning point at our little company. There is so much software already written, and much more to come (to serve all of the new, cool features we want to bring to you). One guy can’t write it all. So today we’ll start building a multi-person platform team, devoted to bringing you the highest quality software possible, supporting the most reliable communications system possible. I’ll soon relinquish bits of daily software development and turn more and more to directing and managing. And you know? I’m looking forward to that. Time to grow!

Kenn Scribner
Red e App VP of Platform Engineering

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