Step out of your comfort zone

I’m referring to the literal step … getting up from your desk, stretching your legs and going for a walk. We’re familiar with the benefits of daily exercise, but what about the repercussions of sitting most of the day.

Sitting is killing us

Yes, you read that right. The effects of sitting over nine hours a day are increasing our risk of death. As documented in this infographic by Visually, our bodies are designed for an active lifestyle — from farming and hunting to raising a family.

Technology has significantly impacted our need and desire to be on our feet. It has advanced our jobs and provides many types of entertainment typically enjoyed while sitting, leading to increased health risks — such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


Sitting Is Killing You

Thanks to the popularity of wearable devices to track our steps, we are all much more aware of our daily activity — or lack thereof. People are making an effort to have daily step goals and take walking breaks during work. Some devices track and prompt you to get up after an extended time period of sitting.

Many employers are adding the option of standing desks, encouraging walking meetings and have healthcare incentives for fitness (such as Humana Vitality).

Inquire with your employer or spearhead an incentive in your workplace to get employees moving. Be sure you share with them the risks of not interrupting their sitting.

What do you do to sit less? Share in the comments or on Twitter @redeapp.

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