Struggling to recruit employees? 3 new strategies to try

RedEapp FamilyEmployees are the core of any company. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a CEO or hiring a cashier – to be the best you have to recruit and hire the best. More companies are realizing this, and as a result, the amount of money an employee takes home isn’t the bottom line when making an employment decision.

As more companies offer benefits and perks to lure the best, it might feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle when coming up with ideas to try to attract talent. Here are some things you can do to make sure that talent takes notice when you have a job opening:

1. Have a clear career path:  The easiest thing you can do is have a clear career path for your entry level employees. Nobody wants to be a cashier forever, so make sure they know what they have to do to advance to the next level and what that next level is. Check out this page from Chipotle to see clarity and transparency that employees will appreciate.

2. Offer perks: Whether an employee expects benefits like health insurance or paid vacation probably depends on the job role, but there are small perks that you can give employees that they will appreciate no matter their job role.

‘Perks’ are things like free lunch once a week, coffee in the break room, or a semi-annual team party. While this may seem expensive, when you look at the per employee cost, it is well worth the investment when you are hiring and retaining top talent. (Parties can also serve as a good recruiting tool.)

3. Invest in your employee’s education: While this is a much more significant investment than team lunches, a tuition reimbursement program will go a long way in showing employees that you genuinely care about their future, and want them to stay with the company. This can be particularly fruitful when recruiting out of college, and want to grab top talent before other companies do.

A tuition reimbursement program gives you the ability to teach top talent how to work at your company, while they hone the skill-set they need to excel at it.

No two companies are the same, experiment to find the ones that work best at your company.

Here I have offered a free solution (clear career path), a cheap solution (perks), and a worthy but significant investment (tuition reimbursement).

Interested in more ideas? Follow us @redeapp or just comment below and I will give you an idea specific to your company.

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