The social media comedy tour

MinnGraphic…also known as Go to  Explore.

What do you get when you mix 250 digital marketing and communication professionals with 1.5 days of jammed packed content and top notch industry leaders in Social Media Marketing?

Answer: Go To Explore Minneapolis.

Every conference you go to is different. Different faces, speakers, vendors, venues, points of interest. What makes events with Social Media Explorer “different” is the CONTENT and the CONTEXT.

CONTENT is definitely important for any marketing and communication professional. The quality content of Social Media Explorer’s events is provided by speakers and practitioners. View a full list of speakers and bios.

The next big difference is CONTEXT. By context I mean the ability to spend 1:1 time with marketing and communication professionals in a none hurried venue. Chatting with other colleagues that face the same issues and challenges is a welcome addition to any person navigating the ever-flucuating tide of Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Moreover, the fact that all the attendees understand the power of a hashtag, namely, #GoToExplore, is a big advantage for the communication professional wanting to continue the conversation after the event. For a visual overview of the event, view the Explore Pinterest page.

My favorite CONTEXT moment was being able to sip on a bourbon with some of the elite thought leaders in Social Media and talk about their journey to their current success and influence. We dubbed the experience ‘The Social Media Comedy Tour.’ I’m sworn to secrecy of the details, but let’s just say the fun(ny) moments didn’t end until almost 2:00 am one evening.

Wanna attend the next leg of the Go To Explore “tour,” then check out Go To Explore Orange County. I promise, you’ll laugh, learn, and leave with a mind filled with great new CONTENT and memories of an amazing CONTEXT.

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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