3 reasons to embrace mobile communications for your employees

Our Sales and Success Director, Hannah Beasley, recently appeared on Kelly Vandever’s podcast and video blog, Permission to Speak. Kelly invited Hannah to her podcast after she read Hannah’s blog “What do you call your hourly employees?

During the podcast, Kelly and Hannah discussed the importance and impact of providing non-desk and hourly employees with a voice — meaning employees have a channel to provide feedback to the organization, report safety concerns, and share their ideas.

When employees have a voice, they are more engaged and therefore more productive. Organizations see an improvement in culture, retention, and revenue.

And we’re not talking about the old-school “suggestion box” in the break room. Digital channels are becoming the best means for connecting with employees.

Here are two key takeaways from Hannah’s conversation with Kelly:

Top 3 reasons to use digital

  1. Real-time — communication is sent and received immediately, such as a crisis or weather alert.
  2. Consistency — An announcement no longer has to be passed through the chain of command and subject to a game of telephone.
  3. Two-way communication — Employees can reply to a request or ask a question.

Why is now the time for digital?

  • Employee behavior — Over 75% of US adults own a smartphone. For most non-desk employees, mobile is their only connection to the internet. They are using their phone for friends and family, shopping, reading, news, etc. You need to adapt to their behavior to engage with them.
  • Analytics — Mobile communication provides you access to statistics and insights; this data is impossible to measure with posters, postal mail, word-of-mouth, and digital signage.

Listen or watch Hannah’s podcast with Kelly for more insights on adoption techniques, non-desk employee preferences, and ROI.

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