What if HALF of your employees don’t have company email?

If you had 30,000 worldwide employees and HALF of those don’t have corporate email, how would communicate with them?

What’s more, those 15,000 employees don’t work at a desk all day and don’t have daily access to a computer.

Well, Cintas faced this exact problem and has found that they had to learn to communicate differently and with new technology.

Cintas Reaches Scattered Low Tech EmployeesOn the technology side, they used an app to push their tweets and PR releases. Cintas notes that the next version of the app will focus on internal messaging.

On the communication side, they noted that keeping it short, using employee stories, writing conversationally, and using tons of photos made for an engaging internal communication experience.

We sincerely applaud Cintas for making mobile communication a priority and allowing everyone in an organization (locally and globally) to stay digitally connected to the organization.

We hear this problem from large enterprises and our clients every day. And we are providing them a truly unique private mobile communication solution that leverages both the BYOD revolution that is disrupting the corporate enterprise and the need for real-time and private connection to all stakeholders in an organization.

What’s best of all, there already exists an app for that … Red e App.

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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