WhatsApp and Red e App: The same thing?

Mobile is big. That’s a given. What about mobile messaging? Yeah, it’s even bigger and we at Red e App are obviously bullish about the future path of how both consumers, students, and even employees communicate via mobile devices. Today (Dec 3 2012), there is a solid piece about WhatsApp on TechCrunch, a group mobile messaging application. Take a few minutes to look at Business Insider’s WhatsApp walkthrough before reading further.

Often, we are asked about the feature set of Red e App. Are we a text / SMS app? Do we have a group feature or just 1:1?  More specifically, are we like WhatsApp and GroupMe, another popular group mobile messaging app?

Red e AppWell, here’s how we differ:

  1. Privacy. We don’t use or access personal information to send and receive messages.
  2. Less noise. WhatsApp and GroupMe encourage use of the reply all when sending/receiving messages. Red e App prevents reply all.
  3. Enterprise scale. WhatsApp is focused on your friends and family network. Enterprises, even small businesses, have a different focus and connectivity issues.
  4. Mobile content distribution. Red e App provides businesses a multi-layer content area.
  5. Mobile Notifier. This is a revolutionary concept and ability for organizations. Red e App allows a business to delegate notification ability based on roles and responsibilities to the smart device of managers.
  6. WhatsApp and GroupMe are limited to 20-30 people per group. Red e App’s groups are unlimited.
  7. RedeKey. Red e App requires dual-authentication to access an organization’s network. And the ability to quickly remove a user when they are no longer authorized.

So, the difference with Red e App compared to other consumer/public mobile messaging applications is one of focus and market solution. Red e App is not the consumer mobile network. We are the ENTERPRISE mobile network.  If you want to know more, Contact Us.

Patrick Goodman
Red e App Product and Engagement Director

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