Connecting the divide between factory and office workers at Willerby

Here is a scenario: You have information. Your job is to get it to every employee in the company, and get it to them by the end of the business day. And no, the message will not self-destruct.

How would you do it?

  • Email everyone?
  • Post in a Slack channel?
  • Print a flyer and hand to every manager you can find?

Better question: How would you do it if nearly 80% of the people you needed to send information to did not have business email, no access to your internal chat app of choice, or possibly wasn’t even working the same shift as you? Sound like a challenge?

For many communication professionals, the task of distributing information to every single worker and ensuring that the fidelity of the content remains intact and unaltered upon delivery is daunting, near impossible even.

One company facing these communication challenges decided to find a better solution. In early 2015, Willerby Holiday Homes contacted us at Red e App to explore how our software could help their communication challenges for their non-desk production workforce.

Red e App has made real-time distribution of information like internal job postings, employee perks programs, and even making holiday calendars available so much more effective.

“Since the launch of Red e App, the communication for night shift workers has vastly improved. Everyone gets the same information at the same time, thereby avoiding any miscommunication between the shifts.”

— Steve Blundell, Night Shift Team Leader

“I find Red e App extremely helpful for finding out company information – including contact numbers, staff discounts, upcoming training opportunities and particularly job vacancies. In fact, seeing a job vacancy advertised on the app has helped me progress through the company onto my current position. Thanks for the opportunities!”

— Gareth Connell, After-Sales Machinist

Read the Willerby Case Study

Try the employee communication and engagement platform your employees will love and use everyday.

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